The Body Image – Melanin Magic

This post is for one of the most beautiful people I have met. Gayanthi, happy birthday.


The three year period of my life at a hostel, with 8-10 beautiful girls, is probably what taught me to love my skin. Each one of us proving to each other that we loved and wanted the others features did the trick. We learnt how to be grateful for what we are blessed with. All it took was appreciation towards each other. And most importantly, to ourselves.

Before that, it was a battle between liking and not liking our skins and features.  There were times where I was down to earth happy with the tan and others when I hated not being able to match light coloured lipsticks on to my brown coloured skin.


Finally, I learnt, along with finding the best shade of nude lipsticks for each girl at the hostel (huge achievement I tell you), that our skins are beautiful. #MelaninGoals. Every tone, every colour is beautiful. So please appreciate your shade in the melanin colour wheel.

Ps. we too can pull of any colour.






All of you may not be in the picture, but each of you are so very special.






The Body Image – Pixie hair


The stigma that a traditional beauty ought to have long flowing hair has been around for quite some time. This notion of the ‘Awrudu Kumari’ (New Year princess) lacks in most of us. Obviously. Crop tops aren’t cool, but the sari blouse is. Same goes for hair, longer the better. Is this insensitive cultural mindset ready to take its change?


The body image of a woman continues to be critiqued from top to bottom. Feminity cannot be defined by the length or colour of hair. Go ahead, dye your hair ocean blue!

In most South Asian countries, short hair projects a notion of tomboys or homosexuals. Sheshadri had to face something in a similar context. Her haircut at this length was considered to be manly and boyish. Apparently such a length of hair wouldn’t attract men or potential husbands. Today however, all those that matter have grown into this hair length she wears ever so gracefully.  For me, her glowing and lively personality fits and reflects that pixie haircut of hers.

you can be anything you want, you know? You can be a warrior with long flowing hair and flowers pinned in or a ballerina with a razor bob.






From now on, let it be ‘’short hair, tall legacies.’’



Caffeine for your lips

My wall page seems to be donning lip colours of all sorts, but hey, a girl can never have too many lipsticks. ( that is completely up to her)

Its mainly because I am back home for the holidays so I have to devour all the ’25 offs’and ‘buy 2 get one free ‘offers they have in Bahrain.


Deborah Milano 16 Mat – This substitute for coffee (for me atleast) took some time to get into the purchase box as it was my first ever coffee shade.  But I instantly loved the swatch on my hand and I had to make it work for my face.



And well, I think it did.

I Paired it with a Manhattan eyeliner in the shade Moccacino as a lipliner and smudged it to the middle to make it look ‘as natural as possible’, but nobody has coffee coloured lips and SO I just let it go with the flow.

The price was about $10. The Deborah Milano lipstick range has been pulling me towards its really good quality of colours, packaging, stay on duration and of course, the price.

For the amount it sells, its pigmentation and colour range is stunning. They have colours for all skin tones(affirmed by my sister who loves the Deborah range)

It also does stay on for a long while and only needs retouching after a heavy meal and drinks. But hey, we can compromise the main course for the finger food now can we?


For days where I want to head to Starbucks and cant, this lipstick is my best friend.


Here is my BLOOPER attempt of taking a picture with coffee to make it look as advertisement worthy. In short – a failed concept & image due to Studio malfunctions.




Getting your ‘Siren’ right – NYX Siren


I wouldn’t have ever dreamed of painting my lips from anything other than a matte and perhaps, on adventurous days, a gloss. And then came the matte that looked stunningly metallic. perhaps they got their production wrong? not really. They got it perfectly right.



I was already in love with the matte so why not try a metallic?

At first impression, reading the label made me doubt the new punk rock- metallica look that I might have on my lips, but on testing it on my sister, I wouldn’t be hesitant to wear this on a trip to visit the queen!

This shade, siren, from the NYX matte lipstick range has a deep blueish purple undertone so it would definitely suit  dark skin beauties out there as well.Being a price of $6 (RS.875), it has an amazing colour payoff and a stains for really long. although you cannot see the metallic sheen in pictures (apologies from an amateur photographer), it indeed does have it and this is in fact a matte shade.


On a final note, this shade (personally) can be worn after your 8-5 shift to the clubs for your girls night out or on a romantically spicy date night. IMG_0164

ps. In Greek mythology, the Sirens were beautiful yet dangerous creatures. just a reminder that the art of makeup simply empowers women( not to be dangerous) to bring out the beautiful that already exists.

Summertime Soul



Summer depicts the brighter things like sunflowers flowers, red and white checked blanket picnics and Popsicles on a stick.

The best thing about the dawn of this warm weather, for me, are the floppy hats, flip flops, frozen yoghurt from the good market and obviously the fact that florals can be flaunted the best during this season.

Although everything above was exaggerated, this post isn’t about the usual floral print tops and baskets that one picks out for the summer. As much as I love the summer, I am very choosy with my florals and would mostly add smaller elements of it into an outfit. This is what the look is about. Keeping up with summer without looking like summer.

It says summer diva I suppose.




The style steals for this look are the hat and the clutch. This House of Lonali clutch is an up-cycled beauty that has been made with discarded material and turned into something of much more value.

The brand takes up-cycling to such a fashionable level! Being similar to recycling, it is also an environment sustaining method. All this was simply inspired by her college fashion project for ethical fashion.



This hat has been on my ‘to buy’ list for like ever. It was pretty tough to find a plain colour without any bows and multi coloured ribbons.  Thanks to Odel I found mine. Sadly, no special story behind this piece.



Pair a black top with blue denims to keep the day look going. Another pair of black jeans would just say anti-summer. I’d love to wear this with a high waist denim or even a denim skirt. (Both on the ‘to-buy’ list.)

As for the black top, the off the shoulder feature keeps it in balance with the black floppy hat. Off the shoulders are just a summer thing!



This look is perfect for a day time affair like shopping, brunch or even a casual drop by to your neighbour’s house. Overdressed much. Just kidding about the last one.


Do pay a visit to the ‘House of Lonali’ store down Stafford Avenue and grab one of their bestselling clutches. They have ones that would match your day time looks and the night time ones as well! All this for such a reasonable price. Don’t forget to take a peek at the stylish range of foot wear and clothing that you can choose from.


Cheers! X









Situated in the quiet area of Bullers lane, Aura Café Colombo is a vividly built café that you don’t really notice at your first turn from down the lane.(other than the chalkboard stand at the entrance.)

This container type café is like your favourite imaginary neighbour’s garden with a pond and gravel- greens. Perfect for an outdoorsy day is their rooftop seating area with the wooden plank sofas and roller tables. I’m assuming that it is the comfortable and unique structure that brings people back here.

Although the entrance was pretty compact, we were greeted with a very home like counter area where we met the lovely Malisha wearing a dark purple hand woven sarong. (Such a style catch!)


Despite the turnout of people for their lunch time, the interior was home like and calm with friendly staff who were very concerned about the quality of the food they served.  Malisha was very much interactive with her guests and treated them like they were invited for lunch.


We sat down at a pretty cosy two seater table and were patiently waiting till our meals arrived. (NOT like we survived on an empty stomach till 2 PM to get a review done.)

20160322203257 (1)




We tried their simple mixed fruit juice (Rs.550)that was presented in a mason jar (my favourite) and a sealed straw- hygiene on point.




The first impression of this drink was that it tasted just like mama made it. Unlike a lot of fruit juices, this one didn’t have too thick or too thin of a consistency and had the perfect level of sugar for someone like me.  If you are a sugar freak, then I suppose you could ask for more sugar or take the plunge and order one of their Nutella milkshakes. Yum!


The Nutella milkshake ( Rs.550)

This was a personal favourite of my friend. I on the other hand would definitely indulge in one of this ONLY if I was having a bad day with a law exam. Not much of a sugar fan, but for a Nutella shake it was quite delicious. Repeating myself again, this one had a perfect level of sugar too. The best part of it was that it didn’t have anything crazy going on with chocolate sauce and all the candy from the Willy Wonka factory. If this particular Nutella shake was a person, it’d be down to earth and awesome.

I apologize for not having a picture – technical error. (Quite a cool phrase to use.)


As for the main meals, we decided to have a Peri peri chicken salad (Rs.750)and a Prawn & celery burger– a new addition to the menu!




The salad was probably the best I’ve had in ages. Even an avocado disliking person would eat it! It had a satisfying and generous amount of grilled and marinated chicken with salad leaves, avocado, sun dried tomatoes and crumbled feta cheese. Almost forgot the garlic bread! The 7751bb74-6280-4894-a595-18d485973465highlight of this meal, for me, was the sun dried tomatoes and peri -peri sauce that was served on the side. The tomatoes added the perfect flavour to the already delectable chicken and the avocado balanced out any strong flavours.

Be an avocado, balance out life.

I already informed the café that I was coming back for it soon. This is a must try!


Secondly, we tried the new prawn & celery burger that had a pretty unique garnish with celery, red bell peppers and cucumbers which were all thinly sliced and dressed along with a layer of greens and a slice of cheese.


Being the first time I ever tried seafood based burger, the first impression was quite a good one.  The prawn patty is something any seafood lover would opt for. For a burger, the patty wasn’t soaking or drenching in oil unlike a lot of other burgers I’ve had and had a soft and chewy feel to it.

The best part about the burger was its proportionate creation. The patty, the garnish and the burger buns were all perfect and filling in it’s size.


However, I am unsure as to whether I would order this again. Being less of a seafood person, I would only “try” anything from under the seas rather than re ordering it.

The next time I visit Aura, I would love to try their Peri peri/ Tandoori chicken burger ,or a standard Beef burger (both Rs.900).

They served the burger on a wooden cutting board along with home fried oregano fries (another favourite)and a side of ketchup.



After very filling meals, we decided to try their dessert sorbets in passion fruit and raspberry (both Rs.250)

The colours of these are what grab your attention


Perfect for a hot sunny day!  As compared to the other desserts they have, this is a light and easy one to have after a heavy meal.

The raspberry was my choice. The flavour of the sorbet was a bit too sweet for my taste.


On the other end of the table was the passion fruit sorbet that had a very bright yellow colour and tangy- lemony flavour.

On trying both separately, I decided that the perfect flavour for me would be a mix of the both. They seemed to compliment each other pretty well. A sweet & sour passion- raspberry sorbet. I loved it, I wanted more!

Malisha did like the idea of a mix, but she was told that unlike ice-cream, sorbets tend to mix into each other and create a whole different colour.





Finally, we had a cup of coffee to tone down everything we had.



A mocha latte and a long black for my dear friend. There is not much to say about the usual coffee cups.

Ps. they have a new menu coming out soon, so go try all their older dishes so you don’t miss out on all the goodness. They are also planning on introducing a bunch of healthy additions to their menu for those who like to keep a watch on their calories and sugar.

All the shout outs you read and hear on the instagram page about the Aura café is true.  It’s a must try and must visit again spot!



Daisy’s delights- The cupcake race


Lovingly named after her grandmother, Daisy, the lovely baker girl had started her baking journey at the tender age of 11. She says that the reason for naming the business after the grand mother is because of the helping hand that she had been during the start of this venture.

As cliché as it might sound, baking has been her passion for a long time now and this is surely reflected in her delightfully delicious cakes and cupcakes.  She enjoys the feeling of being a part of everyone’s celebrations through these bakes.

The after pictures of the cake, the pictures of someone eating the cake and the thank you messages is what keeps her going.

On a very different note, she is super-duper nice!

I first tried her cupcakes with a friend about 5 months ago. We ordered the red velvet, Oreo fantasy and Choco lover.  Did I like them? Did I love them?

Well, read on.

As most of them are going a bit wild with the baking concoctions, I decided to pick a few of her most basic cupcakes. If you want to be a master, you need to get your basics right. Right?


                 The winner – Choco lover




She sent a few cupcakes with chocolate ganache icing and the other few in a pretty pink-mint buttercream swirl.

First impression? LOVE.

There are (in my experience) 2 types of cake consistencies. Soft and spongy, under baked and cannot be eaten. This was in the middle, and that is exactly my type. When it is too soft, it melts away to quick and you just need to bite away to enjoy. The Choco lover she bakes is perfectly in the middle of those too and is thick and creamy in its feel. In other words, it doesn’t feel like flavoured air.  That is why I personally asked her to send me many chocolate ones. *wink*.


The flavour of the chocolate cupcake was so good and mainly contributed to the scrumptious and velvety ganache icing on top. The butter icing on the other hand wasn’t being so good to me. Its friend, the ganache, had outdone it.

The cake wasn’t so milky and neither was it too dark in flavour (which was my favourite part and the main reason I would only order her chocolate cupcakes again and again)


I know that some of you may prefer the butter icing on top to reduce the chocolaty feel (my mother mainly) and some of you may just want more ganache swirls on top. But, you won’t know if you don’t try them.




       Second place – Choco chip cupcakes.

(With the cutest chocolate smithereens on top)



A mix of a vanilla batter and the goodness of a handful of Choco chips. The best part about cake with any filling in it is when the filling is not dropped in greedily. The number of tiny smurfs on top got me so excited to eat it.

She had generously iced the cupcake with the cocoa ganache icing and drizzled it on top with even more chips.  when I was done taking pictures of this cupcake, I wanted to make a cup of tea and start gobbling it down. (It was tiring okay!) Once I took a bite from one of them, I realized that it had chocolate chips inside so I had to rush off to take pictures of the naked cake! Double goodness when you are surprised.



The consistency of this was much different than the winner cake. The softness of the cupcake complimented the crunchy chocolate bits inside and on top.


This cupcake is perfect for someone who cannot decide between the goodness of chocolate and the richness of vanilla.



Third place goes to…… vanilla delight



The simplest and prettiest one. I find myself to be a chocolate person and much less of vanilla. However, these cupcakes are perfect for those who are vanilla fans.

The trick to getting someone to like vanilla cupcakes is by icing them with the pretty colours using the best nozzle set you’ve got.

The main reason I wanted to try the vanilla was because of the blue and white icing on top. The buttercream icing was so perfect. It wasn’t too soft and neither was it too hard. It was chilled. No drama, whatsoever.



I personally would have wanted the cupcake to be a tad bit sweeter, but then again, it’s mainly because I was a fan of the other two flavours.




Daisy’s Delights provides such kind service and she also packs them so carefully in a white box for delivery. She takes time to give you her opinion and helps you out with choosing. We have now become friends over these tasty cupcakes she bakes!


The best part about these cupcakes were the fact that both the icing and the cupcake fit perfectly. There was never too much icing and never too less on it for me.


She also bakes cookies & treats and bigger cakes!

Don’t forget to scroll through her Instagram page – DAISYS_DELIGHTS or WhatsApp text/call on 0773723234 to place orders. (You don’t even need a special reason to!)

PS. Definitely try her red velvet.

And did I love it? yes, I most certainly did!


THE BODY IMAGE- Petite Bambina

Keeping in mind the ‘Body Image’ posts, I decided to move on to the next category/type of body.

The naming of this blog was inspired by the Italian word for little girl – ‘Bambina’.

The small, petite, tiny and short female body is another beautifully created gift. If all girls decided to grow super model tall, the short men wouldn’t have anyone to shower their love on and all clothing stores would run out of business selling only 10 plus sizes.

Being pretty tiny myself, I had trouble fitting into jeans more than anything. They used to crumble on the bottom or look weird and baggy. Then I realized that the problem wasn’t in my size, but the way I chose to dress myself. Obviously my mother had a part to do in this little dilemma. She herself bought size 10 clothing or a size bigger than what I should be getting into. The way I solved this issue without a penny was by hand altering my clothes. The best friends, the needle and thread had come to aid the crisis. Obviously hand sewing wasn’t the best thing to do, but it worked for most of my clothes.

On moving to Sri Lanka for college, I started buying the clothes to fit me perfectly (although, I’m still testing on denims) and from there on, I started picking most of my friends clothing too.



It is always quite confusing to understand something that is not the usual of standards. Everyone would understand the basic 2 + 2, but it takes some time grasp the square roots and statistics of things.

Slowly I started embracing my height and the size and it was my favourite. There were obviously times I wished I could grow longer legs, but I moved on from that phase. *angel emoticon*.

So, for my bambinas out there, here is a little guide on what would look perfect on your body.


                                                                THE COFFEE DATE CHICK


The first look is a twist to the 60s style, minus the scarves and cowboy boots. A high waist denim and a stripe top is perfect for everyday outings like classes, grocery shopping and the small coffee dates as well.


The blue and white stripes make the look less boring and more fun. Pair it up with a printed top or a similar top like this to complete the look. Opt for a top that has prints rather than a plain colour as it would make the look too simple. Overdressing is very much ‘in’ these days and there is nothing to worry about. Go ahead and dress it down if you love the simplicity in plain colour blouses.

These flared denims show off any kind of body and emphasize on the best parts because of its high waist feature. It’s probably time to give your skinny jean buddy a break and go shopping for these high waist bell bottoms.



It is fascinating how this look can be worn with heels, wedges, pumps, sneakers and the list goes on. The model here wears brown lace up heels.


                                                                         NOIR SIGNORITA


The second look is an edgy, black on black, linen look that is perfected with a loose top knot bun. One might call it a modern Audrey Hepburn look. These pants are made from linen which, on the face of it, seems like it belongs on the kitchen tables. Don’t be surprised with the wonders it can do once you pair it with the perfect clothing and accessory pieces.


As this look is also a high waist, the perfect top would be a crop that is not printed as compared to the first look. Minimalism is key for this outfit. If you do not have a similar top, you can pull this off with an off the shoulder crop, a normal black spaghetti strap top or a black t-shirt tucked in

This can easily be turned into a day to night look with the right shoes and makeup. The day look can be worn with simple flats and the night look can be completed with some nude wedges. A gold and black statement necklace would accentuate the night look.  Do not forget that the linen can be quite tough looking, so calm the look down with a soft fabric blouse.


                                                           THE EMERALD GIRL



This is probably one of my favourite looks and the most provocative one. When I asked my mom about buying a black strapless jumpsuit from mango, she was hesitant about it as she thought it wouldn’t suit my height. And then this happened. This bold green look is perfect for a business meeting, interview and any other formal- semi formal event.



This is also a minimal look that I paired with a peach statement necklace and black heels. A simple chain and any other type of heel would go as well. You could also go bold on the earrings and bare out the neck.  I wouldn’t opt for ankle or lace up boot/heels for this as it is a crop length pant. You could also go bold on the earrings and bare out the neck. As for arm candy, a simple clutch or a classy side bag would do. We went for a simple hair do to draw more attention to the outfit.

Now mama can’t say anything about the jumpsuit!


                                                                         THE SKY FALL


White is probably the most serene colour of all. When you mix serene and goddess like pants together, you get this beautiful modern day Greek goddess look.

The third look is also a high waist chiffon pant that is paired with a printed crop top. This outfit makes you look ready to walk through the city of Paris.





Being a simple white, the top must be a printed crop that has colour all over it. White on white would look stunning if you can find the perfect style and shade of it to match the chiffon palazzo pants.  The perfect shoes for this would be a blue peep toe heel or simple blue flats or pointed toe heels like in the picture. Try not to overdo the look with more than two colours as it would grab away the simplicity.


                                                              EDGY MEETS VIBRANT


This is one of those looks for the bold and vibrant girl. The simple peach crop top with a printed monochrome slit skirt is perfect for a tuned down version of coachella. A simple statement necklace with a pop of colour completes the monochrome look.

This doesn’t necessarily have to be a tight fitting skirt and you can also pair it with a similarly printed flared skirt.


The edginess of this outfit comes from the heels. This gold buckle box heel is perfect if you want to give an oomph to your boring clothes. IMG_9105










I hope these outfits that I paired helped you and inspired you to get your glam on. Don’t be let down if you don’t look good in what a tall model would look good in. There’s always a way to dress it up and dress it down.

On a final note, don’t forget to give colour to your pouts. Dab your lipstick on with every outfit you decide to wear!


Thank you, Buddhima for being your gorgeous self and letting me doll you up. You rock!