The Body Image – Pixie hair


The stigma that a traditional beauty ought to have long flowing hair has been around for quite some time. This notion of the ‘Awrudu Kumari’ (New Year princess) lacks in most of us. Obviously. Crop tops aren’t cool, but the sari blouse is. Same goes for hair, longer the better. Is this insensitive cultural mindset ready to take its change?


The body image of a woman continues to be critiqued from top to bottom. Feminity cannot be defined by the length or colour of hair. Go ahead, dye your hair ocean blue!

In most South Asian countries, short hair projects a notion of tomboys or homosexuals. Sheshadri had to face something in a similar context. Her haircut at this length was considered to be manly and boyish. Apparently such a length of hair wouldn’t attract men or potential husbands. Today however, all those that matter have grown into this hair length she wears ever so gracefully.  For me, her glowing and lively personality fits and reflects that pixie haircut of hers.

you can be anything you want, you know? You can be a warrior with long flowing hair and flowers pinned in or a ballerina with a razor bob.






From now on, let it be ‘’short hair, tall legacies.’’




3 thoughts on “The Body Image – Pixie hair

  1. Frozen says:

    I can relate to this so well. Last year January I cut my waist length hair into a pixie and I loved it. I still keep it short because I like it and get judged by many; family, friends & colleagues alike. But who cares it’s my hair and I like it!!!

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