The Body Image – Melanin Magic

This post is for one of the most beautiful people I have met. Gayanthi, happy birthday.


The three year period of my life at a hostel, with 8-10 beautiful girls, is probably what taught me to love my skin. Each one of us proving to each other that we loved and wanted the others features did the trick. We learnt how to be grateful for what we are blessed with. All it took was appreciation towards each other. And most importantly, to ourselves.

Before that, it was a battle between liking and not liking our skins and features.  There were times where I was down to earth happy with the tan and others when I hated not being able to match light coloured lipsticks on to my brown coloured skin.


Finally, I learnt, along with finding the best shade of nude lipsticks for each girl at the hostel (huge achievement I tell you), that our skins are beautiful. #MelaninGoals. Every tone, every colour is beautiful. So please appreciate your shade in the melanin colour wheel.

Ps. we too can pull of any colour.






All of you may not be in the picture, but each of you are so very special.






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